Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Big Fat Pig Begins..

So it all began with a conversation with another Big Fat Pig friend. I should point out that most conversations with this friend centre around food and the acquisition of it. We were both in work, in our respective offices, chatting over instant messenger and 'chewing the fat' as it were (sorry, I couldn't let the pun opportunity pass). Having covered off already what breakfast had brought and how 'f*cking stuffed' we were, we then began deliberating over what we would each get for lunch.

She was resigned to the fact she'd be stuck with a tuna and cucumber roll from the local deli, whereas I was bragging about it being Farmer's Market day in our industrial estate and going through the pros and cons of several different options - wood-fired pizza (delicious, but very thin base and over too quickly, also can be a bit tight on the chorizo topping), fish and chips (soooo filling and once I got a bit of beard hair in the batter, but the homemade tartare sauce is so totally epic it's worth it for that alone) Thai green curry (Caroline in Renewals had it last week and there was too much courgette and not enough baby corn, BUT they've started giving free sample portions of both the Panang and Pad Thai so really it's a win/win situation) - anyway you get the picture,  but we eventually came to the conclusion that whatever way we were feeling at any point of our day, it could always be categorised into one of 3 states- Food Snot, Food Envy, Food Coma.

The Food Snot state is hunger driven - typically by either a lack of food within a certain radius, waiting for food to arrive, being held up getting to food due to someone else's tardiness, or not being satisfied with any of the food options within a certain mile radius.

The Food Envy state is when someone else has got the food which you covet but cannot have. Especially prevalent with diners in restaurants "Oh maaaaaaaaan, was that the three cheese tortellini that just went past? It f*cking was wasn't it? F*ck, I so don't want my poxy calamari now, I WISH I'd got that. Is it too late to change do you think? The waitress hates us already after the anchovy/caesar salad debacle, I'm not asking. Shit here she comes..oh gross mine looks rotten.. no don't look don't look she'll know we're talking about her.."

The Food Coma state comes about after too much food (a monumental oxymoron I know - how can one have too much food?!) in one single sitting, and is usually accompanied by Shame. You know when you're SO hungry you can't decide what to order from the Indian takeaway and you're absolutely torn between 3 dishes so you reason with yourself that if you order all 3 you can have a little bit of each and put the rest in the fridge and that'll do two dinners later in the week.... I don't think I need to explain how this little scenario ACTUALLY plays out but needless to say the self-disgust and admonishment quickly follows suit and you need to be rolled off the couch by a third party with a rowing oar..

So, I decided to come out with a blog where I and other like minded gluttons could come and 'feed' (ok last one I promise) off each other in the form of support "No, don't worry, I totally understand that cookie dough and marshmallow sandwich was a great idea at the time", recipes (none of your low fat nonsense around here I'm afraid though), confessions (infact, this is going to be the title of my next post) and so forth.

Comments, suggestions, recipes, feedback all welcome and appreciated!

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  1. Well, you sound like a woman after my own heart! Welcome to the blogosphere and good luck... H


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