Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Tayto and King Cheese n' Onion flavour. It never fails to amaze me how much time Irish people spend pontificating over the merits of our country's two biggest crisp producers. As if we haven't spent long enough as a nation trying to evade the various potato related stereotypes. Granted it's mostly lorry driving muck-savages from Monaghan and the like who, lets face it are a walking cliche and deserve it,  but I've heard alot of coverage of this topic lately and personally I think they're both shit , so we're not going to talk about them here. It's my game, I make the rules.

Corn snacks on the other hand - now there's a grand genre of crisp. I'll tell you my favourites shall I...again, my game, my rules so I go first. Feel free to contribute however. One caveat - Burger Bites should be top of this list but I've excluded them because it worries me how much air time they've had on here already.

1. Storming into first place is the ultimate pickled onion flavour corn snack ring things. Remember these bad boys? They didn't get nearly enough credit when they were around. And I don't want to hear from any Meanies fans claiming superiority, you're not welcome here.

2. Ah the Chickatee. Many a Sunday afternoon would be spent together on the on the couch in the foetal position nursing a hangover. Out would come the multi-pack of Wheelies, Snax and Chickatees, and back into the goodie cupboard would go the Wheelies and the Snax. 

3. .Banshee bones. Salt n' vinegar melt in the mouth type affair. Like many other corn snacks they deteriorated in later years and became full of air holes but they had a good run and I reflect with fondness on them, securing them third place in my league table.

4. While technically not a corn snack they're close enough - Rancheros are the ultimate bacon flavour crisp. On a negative note, the smell stays on your hands for ages and is not so delicious after the feeding frenzy.

5. I don't know what these are made of, corn or otherwise, but I don't care they're going on my list. Scampi Fries. Only sold these days in pubs down the country that double up as the local shop with a shelf behind the bar stocking baked beans, nappies, Emerald sweets, phone cards and Bic biros.


  1. cant believe you left out the mother of all Irish corn snacks "snax"!!

  2. I have to say i find snax very 'meh' !

  3. What about wheelies and face puckering chipsticks? And surely waffles are the ultimate bacon flavor corn snack?

  4. Ok Amee, I agree with you somewhat on the Wheelies, they did get an honourable mention after all. Chipsticks though? You spend more time picking them out of your teeth than getting them in. And they're stabby on the roof of your mouth sometimes. Waffles.... no sorry I'm not quite feeling it. Do you rank them over Wheelies for bacon flavour snacks??

  5. They do have more bacon flavor but are not as good as wheelies, IMO, and are also rough on the roof of the mouth. I like picking the chipsticks out of my teeth - I feel that they are a snack that keeps on giving. Do you have any strong feeling about Monster Munch or skips?

  6. I most certainly do. Skips can piss off, while the texture is unrivalled in any other crisp the flavour is just offensive (I am sensing you are a fan however so I expect a backlash from this). Monster Munch, while at one time circa 15 years ago were the champion of snacks, are just a constant source of disappoint these days. The texture is all wrong (holey and aerated) and flavour took a turn for the worse several years back. Now akin to Hot Lips I feel

  7. Your senses are off - Skips are pure scabby, the flavour IS an abomination. It has been a while since I had a monster munch, I will avoid for a while longer. I don't need any more disappointment in my life. Thank you for your help in this matter.


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